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Disk Drives - A Photo Flash Back
Sunday, September 17, 2006
Fifty years ago, IBM delivered the RAMAC, the world's first commercially available disk drive.

Courtsey : CNET Networks

Bill Healy, executive vice president at Hitachi, holds up a platter from a 1-inch microdrive in his right hand. In his left is a 24-inch platter from IBM's RAMAC (Random Access Method of Accounting and Control), which came out 50 years ago. A 1-inch 8GB platter holds more than 80,000 times as much data as a single 24-inch RAMAC platter. An 8GB 1-inch drive holds 1,600 times as much data as RAMAC.

This 1957 prototype demonstrated a new technology using disk drive heads and tracks rather than magnetic tape. The first commercial use of the technology was IBM's 3330, in 1971.

Take a trip down memory lane with 24-inch magnetic platters arranged in 600-pound stacks that offered a whopping five megabytes of total storage! To view more pictures click here.
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