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Quick remedies for a slow Internet connection
Sunday, October 01, 2006
Bored about the time taken by your browsers to open any page. Or, do you still need to speed up your Internet connection.

Often the issue is with your ISP's (Internet Service Provider) DNS. It forms a bottleneck between your Computer and the Internet. A DNS server (Domain Name Service) is used to translate an address like into a numerical IP address, so that your computer can route you to that address. A DNS is required so that human beings need not remember the IP addresses instead of the Domain name. Moreover, at times the IP address of some servers keep on changing, which is tracked by the DNS.

Usually, DNS takes about a few milliseconds to translate the domain name to IP address format. However, at times these milliseconds really buildup. Also the DNS server of your ISP is often not reliable. By using OpenDNS you can solve the problem of relibility and speed to some extent.

OpenDNS runs a distributed network of DNS servers so using it is more reliable. It filters out bad addresses so phishers and spammers can't direct you to their site. OpenDNS also detects typos in the URLs you enter.

To configure your browser to use Open DNS

1. Go to Contol Panel > Network Connections.

2. Now select your connection and right click, go to properties.

3. Select Networking Tab > Internet Protocol TCP/IP > Properties

4. Use these following DNS server addresses and save:


That's it, you have now updated your DNS server to OpenDNS.
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